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We have the right amplifier for you. Whether it is a combo amp or head and cabinet, solid state or tube, large or small, we carry the best!   We carry the following brands in Amplifiers: Fender, Ampeg, Peavey, Mesa Boogie, Vintage Volatage, Boss, VOX, PRS Amps, BlackStar, Bugera, Roland, Marshall


Prosound stocks all of the miscellaneous equipment that you might need.  Big or small ticket items. We are here to meet all of your musical needs! Guitar and Bass Strings D’addario, Fender, Martin, Elixir, DR, Dean Markley, GHS Strings, Cleartone, Ernie Ball, Peavy’s Cirrus Bass Strings, Smith Bass Strings. Cases and Stands On-Stage, Gator Cases, […]


Make your very best recordings with the best recording equipment.   We Carry the Very Best Recording Equipment Presonus, Boss, Behringer, Pioneer DJ, Shure, CAD Audio, Audio Technica, On-Stage, Sennheiser, Radial Engineering, ZOOM, Audix, Hercules Stands, Peavy, Yamaha, Gator Cases Neutrik, Rapco Horizon.


We have the equipment to meet all of your DJ/Lighting needs. Let us help you elevate your audience experience. We Carry Just What You Need for DJ/Lighting Pioneer KJ, PreSonus, Chauvet DJ, American DJ, Behringer, Yamaha, Shure, Sennheiser, ZOOM, Roland, QSC Amplifiers, Crown Amplifiers, Audio Technica, On-Stage, CAD Audio, Gator Cases.


Drums are an integral part of almost all music genres, providing rhythm, groove, and dynamics. They come in different sizes, materials, and configurations, allowing for a wide range of sounds and playing styles. Whether in a professional setting or casual jam sessions, drums play a vital role in driving the beat and enhancing musical expression. […]


We have a wide selection of bass guitars, including four, five and six string models designed for your genre of music, be it rock, jazz, funk, or more. We Carry the Top Brands in Basses Fender, Paul Reed Smith, Ibanez, ESP, LTD, Michael Kelly, Jackson, Music Man, Peavy.


We have More! Basses, Drums, DJ Lighting, Recording, and Miscellaneous

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