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Basses, Drums, DJ Lighting, Recording, and Miscellaneous

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We have the right amplifier for you. Whether it is a combo amp or head and cabinet, solid state or tube, large or small, we

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Prosound stocks all of the miscellaneous equipment that you might need.  Big or small ticket items. We are here to meet all of your musical

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Make your very best recordings with the best recording equipment.   We Carry the Very Best Recording Equipment Presonus, Boss, Behringer, Pioneer DJ, Shure, CAD Audio,

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We have the equipment to meet all of your DJ/Lighting needs. Let us help you elevate your audience experience. We Carry Just What You Need

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Drums are an integral part of almost all music genres, providing rhythm, groove, and dynamics. They come in different sizes, materials, and configurations, allowing for

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We have a wide selection of bass guitars, including four, five and six string models designed for your genre of music, be it rock, jazz,

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